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Questions and Anwsers

We hope you find this section helpful in making your choice of who and what type of fence you should purchase.  If it's not covered here please contact us to discuss.

Are you a local company?

Yess we are a local small owned buisness in Lake County.  Flatline has been in buisness since 2020 installing fences and other working on other carpentry projects.   For any house rennovation need you may have we may have the solution.  We hope to be your one stop shop for a whole punch ist of projects you may have.


Do you offer any gaurantee or warranty?

We do offer a 1 year warranty on workmanship.  Meaning we will come and fix any sag, fallen or otherwise no working part of your fence for free up to one year.  With in that one year we will also provide help with replacing faulty material ast the cost of the new material.  We use high quality matial that is meant to last, but the elements have a tendensy to win the battle.  We do not cover loss due to hurricanes and severe weather, but we are here to help.


How do we get started

We can work up a quote either over the phone using pics of an existing fence and measurements or we  will set up a onsite estimate with same day quote.


How long are your quotes good for?

Our quotes are good for 90 days.  


Do you use concrete to bury your post?

We use concrete with all vinyl and metal post.  We only use concrete around wood gate areas but can add concrete to each post with addition cost.


Do you haul off the old fence material?

We will take care of removing old material from your property.


Do you fix any sprinkler mishaps?

Sprinklers are a buried treasure and unless they are marked we have no way of knowing they are there.  We do offer sprinkler repair at a low cost.


Do you just fix gates?

We are happy to fix your gate and charge accordinly.  Minimum fees do apply.


Do you require a deposit?

Deposit money is required to place the order.  1/2 labor is due on first day of install.  Final payment is due apon completion.


How Long is an install?

There are many factors but typically 1-3 days.


How long should we wait to stain or paint a fence?

Pressure treated wood should cure for about 7-9 months.  Cedar and non pressure treated wood can be painted or stained right away.


Are permits needed to install or replace a fence?

Typically permits are not required, but some municipalities have codes to adhere to.  Backyard fences 6ft and under do not require a permit.  Frontyard fences have a 4ft hight limit.   Any HOA may have their own requirments for fence installs or restorations.

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